60 Minutes Strategy - The trading method for Binary Options and Forex Trading in the test!

Trading 60 minutes is quite possible with Binary Options and Forex. Most traders who specialize in Binary Options have made the mistake of betting on only 60 seconds at the beginning. This has the disadvantage that they had too little time to properly assess a price. Professional traders advise beginners in particular not to go with only 60 seconds.

This could namely lead to the fact that a not correct estimation of the course is carried out. For this reason, we would now like to deal with the 60 minute strategy. This can have some advantages when it comes to predicting a course correctly.

The binary options and currency pairs usually allow a very good chance of winning if the values are traded within an hour. In this context, we would like to explain which starting points to pay attention to and which analyses are most useful for a 60 minute trade. Strategies are usually to be combined with each other for the 60 minute trades. Known strategies are carried out among other things simply with the help of the Bollinger Bands. Here, a clear buy signal is waited for until the price can be entered. However, different indicators can also be combined with each other to be able to get better trading signals for themselves.

How long can be traded?

When a trader registers with a broker, a very extensive number of trading hours can be viewed directly. These are to be used to trade a price in different time period. Most brokers offer 60 seconds as the shortest trading time. Within 60 seconds the trader has to set his position and wait accordingly until the result of the price development becomes clear after one minute. The same procedure is offered not only for one minute, but also for two minutes, five minutes, as well as 10, 15 and also 60 minutes. Some brokers have even more time periods in which a price is to be traded. It is important that the trader decides on one of the trading times. Beginners are not recommended to start with the 1 minute trade as very useful. Due to the necessary analysis procedures, which are a bit more demanding, the 60 second trades are best discouraged. As an alternative, the 60 minute strategy is a good choice.

Advantages of the 60 minutes

Within 60 minutes a course can be examined not only more intensively, but it can be oriented to the past course movements of the last hours, in order to feel the basic movements of the course. With different indicators as well as with the technical analysis in Exness mt4 download can be secured, that high-quality results for a correct course trade are to be used. These results lead to the fact that not only short-term investments are made, but long-term trends offer more security for beginners and advanced traders. It can be set gladly with the real time charts, in which time window the courses would like to be analyzed. Here, price analyses can be viewed in the range of one minute as well as from 5 minutes to one hour. Longer price analyses are also possible, if these would like to be taken up gladly. The advantages of the 60 minute strategy are that the price fluctuations are not too fast, which are very common in a very short trade of a few minutes. If 60 minutes are traded, more precise predictions are possible. Sudden price fluctuations can thus be circumvented. In addition, exchanges with other traders can be made ahead of time to possibly work out an advantageous result together in relation to the coming hour.

Of course, a proper analysis must also be done as far as price fluctuations are concerned. Technical analysis is the best method in Forex and in Binary Options to examine in detail short-term and also long-term influences of the prices. Here, traders have numerous indicators at their disposal, which can be combined with each other. The combination is to be put together according to one's own needs. Thus, among other things, the Bollinger Bands can be used as well as other indicators that clarify a buy signal. In no case should a course be evaluated without prior analysis, let alone traded. If you want to join forces with other traders to make a joint decision for a trade, the provider eToro is one of them. This connects traders and ensures that they trade together successfully to increase their success.