How to write your work experience on your resume

On an experience resume, past job descriptions and experience lend credibility to the application or interview. The rest of the information and sections of your resume, from hobbies to personal profiles, make up this list of relevant work experience over the past 10-15 years.

Is this person's work experience the right fit for the job?

A resume dedicated to work experience is the basis for qualifying or disqualifying you for an interview or the next step in the hiring process.

Experience on your resume: what to include

In most cases, the choice of jobs to get resume will depend on your career path and the type of job you are applying for. In general, your best bet is to go back in chronological order, starting with your last position at the top of the page, and include your last 10-15 years of experience.

If you have scattered work experience, don't panic. Going from job to job is becoming increasingly normal and accepted today, especially among the youngest. Including short periods and concurrent projects is positive if that experience is directly related to the job or has relevant competencies.

Work experience in the professional profile of the resume :

  • Focus on the results of your work experience so far
  • List only work experience on your resume that is relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Stand out by using the power of action verbs
  • Be specific: mention facts and figures
  • Speak in the past tense if you are no longer doing the job, but in the present tense if you are still in the office.
  • Cut out filler and unnecessary words or adjectives
  • Customize your work experience checklists to match the job description

Work experience on a resume helps employers know in about 10 seconds if you are the right person for the job. It should be very similar to the job description. If the work experience on your resume doesn't match the job description or doesn't match those guidelines, you need to get a little creative to get noticed.