The best Halloween slots

The scariest day of the year is just around the corner - October 31st is Halloween! The American tradition is becoming more and more popular in India and soon there will be gruesome characters of all kinds on the streets. But not only there ... the online world is also getting a whole lot darker. To get you in the right mood, you will find the best Halloween slot machines par excellence here - pure horror alarm! Here you will find Online slots from different providers.

Of the best Halloween slots

To get in the mood a little, let's start with a little lighter fare. Halloweenies is a cute cartoon-style slot that keeps the horror factor low. The slot is far from a Hitchcock thriller, but is therefore perfect for all the terrifying and is still one of the best Halloween slots.

[Text Wrapping Break] The Halloween theme is presented wonderfully. True to the motto “less treat, more sweet”, many of the symbols are inspired by Halloween candy. For example, there is liquorice, wine gums, rubber snakes, chocolate, but also a collection of grape sugars with the inscriptions “R.I.P” and “Boo”.

The real stars of this top Halloween slot are the scary creatures that appear poorly disguised. Imagine Halloween, but vice versa - that's exactly how the rabbit runs on Halloweenies slot machine. The zombies, skeletons and witches wear everyday sweaters and clothes or are disguised as cute creatures (such as a purple bear) to conceal their true identity. In any case, completely inconspicuous!

With the additional scary sounds, there is still a bit of a scary mood, but all in all this slot machine is really cute for a Halloween slot.

Blood Suckers slot machine

The Blood Suckers Slot is all about a gruesome vampire hunt! The mystical stories about vampires cast a spell over and over again - whether in books, series, films, or in slots like these! Here you go deeper and deeper into a burial chamber that is filled with coffins and while a violin begins to play, the heavy doors fall shut. And let's start the vampire hunt! [Text Wrapping Break] [Text Wrapping Break] The symbols are made up of the most varied of vampire characters. The illustrations are based on Victorian vampires. There are also creepy books, tinctures and of course - especially important when hunting - garlic. In the bonus game, the bonus symbols consist of a bloody hammer and a wooden pole. [Text Wrapping Break]

So you are perfectly equipped for the hunt for the mystical figures and you can also be sure that some shivers will run down your spine at this slot machine. The dark atmosphere of the design is underlined by the scary sounds. The somewhat cruel game is for everyone who likes it really scary!

Halloween slot machine

The number 3 of the best Halloween slots was perhaps a little less creative with the naming, but this slot actually serves everything that belongs to Halloween. Here you will find classic symbols for autumn and the scariest festival of the year. Here we go!

What do you think of when you think of Halloween? Everything you can think of now, you will probably come across in the Halloween slot. The symbols consist of pumpkins, magic books, tarantulas, bats, candy baskets, black cats and the infamous full moon. The queen of Halloween night - a beautiful witch - will also make a mystical appearance. She and her male counterpart - a dashing count - are also the symbols that pay out the most coins. So always keep an eye out for them - they are worth it!

Pumpkin Smash slot machine

Do you only love Halloween because you're a real pumpkin fan? Then this slot is just right for you. One of the best Halloween slots comes from the Swedish software developer Yggdrasil. He combines the pumpkins or Halloween with one of the most famous holidays in Mexico - the “Día de los Muertos” (in German: Day of the Dead).

The festival runs from October 31st to November 2nd. The German counterpart to this would be Allerseelen, where the deceased are remembered with sorrow and calm. At the Dia de los Muertos this is a bit different - a real folk festival is celebrated here - including parades, bands and lots of candy in the shape of a skull.

Colorful skulls are the symbol of the Mexican festival and this is exactly what awaits you in the Pumpkin Smash slot. Here they unite with the Halloween pumpkins, which turn into golden coins when smashed. With lively traditional music, this slot is definitely more of a mood lifter than a scary game.

House of Doom slot machine

As Halloween traditions and the popularity of horror films around the world prove, almost everyone enjoys a little bit of horror in their life. Nothing compares to the cold shower that runs down your spine and the thrill of a scary situation - or a scary Halloween slot. If you can identify with it, then the House of Doom slot is for you.

The church bells ring in the game and you enter the House of Doom (in German: the damned house). Thunder and lightning will accompany you as you sneak through the creepy, dark hallways and discover the fearsome symbols. The symbols consist of burning skulls, animal skulls, crosses wrapped in barbed wire, mystical pentagrams and letters and some terrifying characters.

Metalheads in particular will like this slot. In addition to the scary sound effects, the manufacturers have also built in some rocking guitar riffs. The soundtrack is really well thought out and provides the necessary fun. Now there is only one question left: are you ready for the ultimate horror slot? Have fun!